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SEO Final Expense and Medicare Leads

$12 Leads Delivered Instantly as They are Created

Use Code: SAVE2 
and save $2.00 PER LEAD
($10 each after discount)

How soon will I start receiving leads?

Orders are processed within 48 hours after being placed. How soon you receive your first lead will depend on the demographics of the location you provided.   

What information will I get on my lead? 

These leads include the following: First & last name, phone, email, state, city, zip code, address, dob, age and gender. 

What about refunds?

Our pricing is lower than the vast amount of lead providers and one reason is we do not offer returns. Our pricing is set to reflect the fact that inevitably an issue might come up. We only issue refunds for incomplete information.


All of our leads are 90 day TCPA compliant. 

How long will it take to complete order?

How quickly your order is filled depends completely on the population of the counties you provided. We HIGHLY recommend to have an area of AT LEAST 200k population.

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