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In Home Appointment Script


 Rapport Emotion Assumption Lock it Down Step 


1: Kitchen Table Step


 2: Verify Information Step 


 3: The Why – Resurrect the Emotion Step 


4: Explain Your Role and Purpose ·

      My Job ·Broker ·Old Way v. New Way – bank is not beneficiary, no      decreasing benefit 


Step 5: The Think About It 


Step 6: Show Options in the Form of Years or Months of Mortgage Payments


Step 7: Application & Phone Interview


Step 8: Secure the Sale


Step 9: The Five R’s



 In Home Appointment Script 


Step 1: Direct homeowner to their kitchen table. This step should set the tone for the rest of the appointment. You’re in control. You’re friendly, but also very busy, and you have a schedule full of appointments with homeowners. Take a little time to warm up, but be sincere. On the table should be your laptop, the lead your client sent in, and the applications. 


Step 2: Verify and gather the needed information. Begin verifying the information you collected on the phone. 


Step 3: The Why. Resurrect the emotion. This is a good time to slide the lead in front of them to remind them what they filled out. Be sure to keep the lead so you can use it later to write out their options on the back of it. Ask: “The most important question, and what our main concern is here, is what do you want this protection to do for you?” Now, SHUT UP AND LISTEN! This is the most important step in the script. This is where you gather the information you need to put their protection together. It’s also a great place to gather the homeowner’s hot buttons. People buy out of emotion, this is where you bring them back to the emotion that they first had when they filled out the lead. Now, repeat what you heard back to them and tell them how much you respect their decision to protect themselves and their family.


 Step 4: Explain your role and purpose. “Let me explain my role here: I’m going to show you what your options are and when we find the option that best suits your needs and your budget, I’ll help you apply for it.” “I’m actually a broker, which means I have access to several dozen top rated companies. My job is to find you the best coverage that you qualify for and at the best price.” “Now, this is not the old kind of mortgage protection. Meaning that your lender will not be your beneficiary. (Spouse/loved one) will be. One of the other major differences is that this is not a decreasing term. In other words, if something happens to you tomorrow or 10 years from now, your death benefit will remain the same. This policy is also portable, so if you refinance or move, you can take this mortgage protection with you.” 


Step 5: The Think About It. “I’m going to start by showing you the comprehensive coverage. I’m not doing this to talk you into spending more money than you need to, but I don’t want to assume that you don’t want the very best coverage available for you and your family. If what I show you is more than you want to spend, please let me know. Sometimes homeowners will beat around the bush and say things like, ‘I need to think about it/sleep on it/pray about it/etc.’ I’ve been doing this long enough to know what that means. It means the price isn’t right. So, if what I’m showing you doesn’t fit the budget, please tell me. This is just the first option and we will definitely find you something to fit your budget.” 


Step 6: Explain benefits and show options. Now explain the options that are available to them. (Be sure not to mention any benefits that are not available to your client due to their age or health.) Start with Option A, the loaded plan. If that option is too expensive, move onto Option B, or Option C, or more if necessary. This is just a conversation you continue until you find the magic number. 


Step 7: The Close. Once you’ve found the right price, you’re ready to close. “Now, I need you to fill out a few forms and ask you a few health questions. This will take just a few minutes and we’ll be finished.” Proceed by filling out the application. 


Step 8: Secure the sale. Explain the process and what your client should expect moving forward. ·4-6 weeks for the company to process the application ·Delivery ·Draft Date ·Possibility of phone interview ·Possibility of declination or changes ·Leave business card and any required forms ·Eliminate the competition ·Instruct the client not to respond to the notice again and to also disregard any future calls about mortgage protection. 


Step 9: The Five R’s. ·Referrals ·Retirement ·Replacement ·Rugrats ·Recruit

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