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Appointment Setting Script (Try to alternate between Triple Dialing and using *67)

Hello  {FIRST_NAME}?  Hey, first name, this is _appointment setters name_____ calling back from the Senior Final Expense services (no pause) The reason I am calling you is because you had recently clicked on that Facebook page requesting more information about the Final Expense programs and you put down your favorite hobby as ______, right? Great! And you put your age as ______, is that right?
Well FIRST NAME  anytime someone in your area clicks on the facebook page, those requests come to me. I go out each day and see 8-10 people in your area and get them the information they are eligible to receive. I am calling because I am going to be out that way tomorrow and I just need to set aside a few minutes to get you this information. 
I have a ______(time) or a ______(time) tomorrow, which time works better for you?
Ok, we can fit you into the ______ time slot, you’ll be home for sure then right?
Great __ {FIRST_NAME}_____, now do you live at a house or an apartment? (Any codes to get in). What kind of car will you have outside so your agent doesn’t miss the house?
***When confirming their age/hobby, make sure to not pause or you will get “what’s this about?” If you just breeze through it and get to their address, they will just assume that they requested the information (which they did).
Overcoming Objections:
1. “I thought you were just going to send something in the mail/email me something.”
-“Yeah a lot of people think that, but my job is to help you get access to all the programs you’re eligible to receive, so that’s why it would just take a couple of minutes. If there’s a program you can qualify for, great, if not, there’s absolutely zero pressure. So I’ve got a spot open at 10am or 2pm, which time works better for you?”
2. “I’m busy tomorrow/I don’t have time etc”
-“Oh yeah? You going out of town? What do you have going on?”
(Our people will block out the whole day for a dr or hair appointment. The trick is to find out why they can’t meet the next day. Your chances or setting the appointment after the first contact is close to 0, so swing for the fence when you get them on the phone the first time.) 
“So you’ll be back by 3pm right? So I will just write you in for 3pm. Now do you live in a house or an apartment? (set apt)”
3. “What is this about?”
-“It’s about the final expense program. You were on Facebook and clicked on our link and requested the information, our job is just to get you the information you’re eligible to receive. Are mornings or afternoons usually better for you?”
If they keep grilling you on what it is about: “There are dozens of programs you might be eligible for. I will be able to tell you all about it. I will be out there tomorrow, will you be available for 4-5 minutes around 2pm?”
4. “Oh I thought this was for something else/something free from the government/I already have insurance.”
-“Oookaaay (make it sound like what they just said has no bearing on the conversation) Look, my job is just to get you the information you’re eligible to receive. What you do with that information is up to you. It just takes a couple of minutes so he can swing by and drop off the information, I’ve got a spot at 10am and 2pm. What time works better for you?”
This line is key: 
“Look, my job is just to get you the information you’re eligible to receive. What you do with that info is up to you.”
You can use this line for almost any objection.
If you have an objection that you are hearing a lot and don’t have a good response, let me know! I’ve heard them all at some point!
***Make sure that once you overcome the objection, immediately follow-up with asking for the appointment.
There is no reason to talk about insurance. Many time when people already have insurance, they will not set an appointment once they find out what this is about. Or they will think they cannot afford more, when in many cases, we can save them money on what they currently have. But that is the insurance agent’s job to sell them on that. 
Do not set appointments more than 1 day out in advance (2 days max). The hardest thing to say is “NO.” But it is necessary with Final Expense prospects. FE prospects are Professional Procrastinators. Sometimes you just have to push through their fog of laziness.
“No, tomorrow is the day I’m going to be out there. I just need a couple minutes to get you the information YOU requested. What time will you be available tomorrow?”
Every once in a while someone will not be free the next day. But 90% of our people are sitting at home watching the Price is Right and the soaps all day. They don’t go on vacation. Their family all lives within minutes of where they live. They’re always sick and not feeling well, so empathize, reiterate that you will only be out there tomorrow and ask if the morning or afternoon would work better!
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